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vendetta compilation II

by vendetta records

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A neverending story Told in our heads No wake up or Break out Only total regret Changing Reality by blinded eyes Confusion and tragedy The equal of disguise In a darkend black building We've built on our own Is the only thing we can believe Our faults and misconstructs Daunted by life Only dreaming of wanting Never satisfied with giving Just thinking about control And it Never stops knocking Inside a creature like a hole Which crawls out in our intentions Which crawls out
Der Seher erwacht Was er sieht ist Dunkelheit, Furcht und Hass. Er fühlt Betrug Sein Auge holt ihn ein Der Augenblick so schwer Denn was er sieht ist tot Sein Augenlicht betrog ihn einst Doch es wird kalt Nein Er hat Angst Er ist verdammt Er sieht sie maschieren Er sieht sie frieren Blind und tot in den Untergang Es holt ihn ein Es frisst ihn auf Der Seher, er verliert sein Augenlicht er kriecht blind, tot und kalt
Carnival of freedom and betrayal. Not me. I am not the one that you adore, O happiest mob of god´s elect. Not me. The fire tonight burns on the altars the statues fall with everything that will never be again. The old world is consumed like parchment in the flames. The world, the sky, Time. None of it will never be again. But a rising ocean, a wave of fury. Four horsemen galloped all by my side, faces of death, pestilence, famine, war You, the last of the earth. You are the first. Everything starts here. Forget your name your people, your godless merchants. Forget it all. Because the past belongs to the dead. The old world is consumed like parchment in the flames. the earth, the night. Time I promised you the new Jerusalem I brought you Hell. Now follow me... ...with joy, The new world is born like maggots in the flesh. The earth, the night. Time.
contrasting scars youthful folly slipping into the haze of earthly delights drop the canon, hold up the bar privileged ignorance the velvet grip of excess anaesthetized coping reflex lizard against primate against the future corners shaved in narrow slices year by year, day by day, hour by hour form follows behavior follows thought blaze to bleak to bland birth to death, to fight settled night, settled breath flames to embers to rot
spark all you know is obedience, a life in vain, cryptic existence. all alone in this urban nightmare, all you want is to be extinct. and as you raise your hands to the sky, no one there to hear you scream. as you wish, as you beg for something more than this, not a spark left in you. urban desolation, a realm of fallen skies. compromised entity, we are already dead. fast paced, an impersonal environment, reigned by the vultures of greed. all you know is living by your code of lies, hazardous impurity. too long you have been incarnated, drugged and broken. too long you have been a part of this, denial of life. the time has come, this crisis ends tonight, so sick of being you. there has to be more than this, concrete barren walls.
Life evades while pain cascades, like a river carving valleys into broken flesh. We will vanish as dawn breaks, We will perish as dawn breaks. The moon descends as we await abyss and the approach of cold emptiness. Misery and damage done will be erased by the rising sun. The horizon bled a golden death, goodbye to no one; Hark, our time has come.


a compilation of bands releasing with vendetta in late 2015 and 2016


released November 10, 2015


all rights reserved



vendetta records Schorfheide, Germany

lebend und sterbend nähren wir die flamme

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