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pledge nothing but flesh


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Shane Cotee
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Shane Cotee Mind blown. I had no idea Ireland had this secret blend of blackened death metal with a tasteful twist of post-everything-heavy.

I predict huge international success for Scath Ne Deithe. Hope to see you guys perform at Fire In The Mountains one of these years. Favorite track: the unrecognized disease.
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Tyme Amazingly well crafted slab of atmospheric death heavy black metal. The claustrophobic melodicism on display here is distinctly reminiscent of more than just another atmo-black release. The low end and guitar tones bring a tasty Gothenburg flavor to the affair.

Mark your calendars kids, SCÁTH NE DÉITHE have arrived.......
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  • pledge nothing but flesh LP
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si gaothe 01:03
bloodless 10:53
The Things I Wish I Could Unsee The Music I could Silence When We Are Left Behind When Old Fears Grow Strong Who Of This World Will See The Face Of God When We Are Buried When We Are Forgotten When We Are Forced To Question Mark Their Skin And Tear Their Hearts Out It Takes A Dying Man To See The Truth It Holds Back The Answers It Waits Patiently It Fuels Hatred At The Self It's Name Is Uncertainty And It's Music Will Not Be Silenced We Have No Blood To Give These Lands Echo Our Names Yet They Could Not Be Further From Your Lips We Have No Place In This World Ashen, As An Effigy Of The Story Teller Laid Restless In His Tomb Where His Words Beat Hopelessly Against The Stone That Traps Him You Must Spill Blood To See The Face OF God So Mark Our Skin And Tear Our Hearts Out We Stand Bloodless Before You As You Force Us In To The Shadows And We Scream Out In The Dark You Will Pass From This World Grey And Silent Where We Will Linger Hopeless With The Story Teller In His Tomb Beating Our Heads Against The Stone
Faceless, Desolate, This Isolation It Tears Mind, Body And Soul These Cruel Empty Days Seem Unending, Uncertain And Where Cruel Words Are Whispered There Is No Escaping The Flame The Mind Is Blinded By Disease Stricken, The Search For Clarity Failing To Recognize The Peril Where Dormant Anxiety Gathers Pledge Nothing But Flesh And Trust Only In Death The Silence, The Waiting That Familiar Presence Resentment Resentment Towards The Self Pacing, Unnerving, The Steps By The Door What Fresh Torture Do They Beckon To Drink Poison Is To Them The Only Cure Not Until Your Demise Will This Torment Cease Not Until Your Spirit Is Driven From You This Unrecognized Disease, Dormant Superstition, Living Decay Alone To Wander In Your Mind Free From This World, Free From A Mothers Curse Free To Gaze In Complete Apathy At The Limbs That Writhe Beneath You As They Twist And Blacken The Very Soil Resonated The Land Screamed Out But You Were Mute
Sat Alone, Your Silent Contemplation Illuminated In The Candles Dying Flame Sat In Frustration With Agonizing Thoughts Of Failed Endeavors You Came To Them With Wounds Torn Open A Body Wrought With Desperation And All Who Would Help Are Denied Absolution Tragedy Has Marked Your Life Dulled Your Teeth And Ground Your Bones To Dust A Mind In Shackles Chained Since Birth To A Broken Ideal You Have Grovelled Before Their Altar Yet Still They Offer No True Salvation Allow Death To Consume True Redemption Force The Spirit Into Pathetic Submission Helpless You Left Alone To Seek Out A Forgotten Truth Hidden Behind Blinded Eyes Blinded By Age Not Ignorance A Terrifying Reality That Rests Beneath A Twisted Form You Have Seen Your Own Death You Are Hateful At Yourself For Living Sat Alone, In Helpless Frustration Lone Candle Casts Light Upon The Open Coffin That Terrible Altar Before You Place Stones To Hold The Doors And In Rabid Consuming Fury You Begin Your Task You Beat The Corpse Each Blow Drives Out A Lie Lies That Have Marked Your Life Each Broken Bone A Shackle Broken From You
Plagued By Torment A Crippling Identity Foundationless Morality That Casts Aside A Fading Beauty Left Paralyzed By This Voluntary Sickness Left Deaf To Harsh Cries Futile Pleas Of The Forgotten They Drown In Their Own Blood And With Bloody Hands They Visit You To Confront You With A Crippling Realization You Are As Dead As They Are You Will Vanish But They Will Fade Panicked By Truth, A Crippling Absolute You Cannot See The Bodies Before You Contorted They Hang In The Branches Of Trees Oblivious To Their Slow Decay Oblivious To Your Hollow Life Your Desolate Existence Your Barren Mind This Search Has No Ending There Is No Meaning That Waits To Be Found So Scream Cry Out Your Questions Dry Your Tongue And Choke On Your Words Emptiness Is All That Awaits You You Built Your World In Total Silence Now Silence Is All That Is Left To You about


SCÁTH NA DÉITHE "pledge nothing but flesh" LP
vendetta records # 172


released February 16, 2019

‘Pledge Nothing But Flesh’ is a daring entry in the current black metal world. Hopelessly atmospheric and bluntly heavy, the record is not aiming for any middle grounds. Scáth Na Déithe produced another vital stepping stone for the expanding Celtic black metal realm.


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vendetta records Schorfheide, Germany

lebend und sterbend nähren wir die flamme

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