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mbike thumbnail
mbike there are few records that make me buy immediately, this album is one of them, it just forces me to listen and triggers a lot of emotions ... strong piece
... Sauber, schönes Ding
TheKenWord2017 thumbnail
TheKenWord2017 Wow. Just wow. An album like this comes few and far between. Emotionally resonant and deeply musical, Anagnorisis earns my respect and admiration. Count me a fan! Favorite track: Disgust & Remorse, Pt. II.
ThomasScholz thumbnail
ThomasScholz the songwriting, the samples from his childhood, everything is so deep. love the album. Favorite track: Metamorphosis.
the_Excession thumbnail
the_Excession It is very special, very emotional, very black. It is περιπέτεια. Favorite track: Peripeteia.
Jacco de Boer
Jacco de Boer thumbnail
Jacco de Boer This is so majestic. An emotional and epic monument of an album. So deeply personal yet so universal. It tears through my heart and soul and really brings tears to my eyes. Comfort and sadness in one. Unforgettable.
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Transparent 01:36
Every prism is a prison within this black mirror ....and I am all but trapped in trance. Lost within this illusion of light, malformed disdain staring back at me. Weak within my presence. ....and I am all but trapped in trance. At every angle, I've become my undoing. This defective form to watch in past tense, so much so, that my stains are stationary. ....and I'm all but trapped in trance. Existence shaped in lies and shit I know what I've done and hate what I've become.
There are no spectrums of hope here, only fragments of past loss in this pane. Particles of self in negative reflections. Acceptance, like light, that failed to meet these eyes. My wound is self disgust, bored out by my matriarch. Made to control my life. Encompassing and consuming me. Its void isn't deep enough to crawl inside. So I become its surface, forcing it to reside beneath me, in attempt to hide my true nature. The man behind this mask, a total sum of all your failures. Depression now leads me by the leash. This hollowed body heels and licks the wounds. Control lust, nurtured by deception. Marionette born breech, botched death began this life sentence. With no light to guide me and stripped of all defenses. I remain in your image: A lie. I remain perfect in your imagination: A lie. A virtual projection - punished for pasts - not lived my me. This reflective version of atoms is not my story. As this rib is not my own. Stop blaming me.
For so long I've hated this reflection. I've disfigured myself to lose sight of you. For so long I've begged for an end to this story. All the while it's been me with the pen in my hand. My greatest weakness is my strongest enemy. Always coming back to level me. Perceptions and fluctuations. Illusions of failures. I was born to everything I hate. I've never been enough. I've never done enough. A lack of actions: my grand declaration. Without the ownership of guilt I have nothing left to cling to. Yet this matter keeps me captive. If life has turned to penance, then no more fleeting moments. I'll burn my world and all I love to be at peace without your pity. If this is the sum of it all, then the moments leading me here have led me astray. That which is crying should also be dead As peace is a distant lullaby for the fragile and the weak. Taught to hate myself, through hating you. Lessons in humility by watching you. You've fucked my life for far too long. Let me live my own regret.
In these halls I wept as great deceivers bow and lose the head. Your time the corpse and mine the earthly shroud. Topside of this crooked life it's all just dirt. I was born to cover up your scent. The muck of life on the back of death. To fail each other now is to occupy the moments in between our lies. As Judas, I'd single you out and gladly hang. My life has always been one step above the grave. You created this Christ-like life. You wanted something born to break Something wrong to save. Held breath in the lungs of hate. The exhale, the faithless chant, foundations built on sand. Only one set of footsteps in my past If not myself then no one No God to give me light! No crutch-shaped cross in my hand. No idols or words of worship from these lips. No past atonements for my actions. All I see is you in these eyes: hideous, most precious, and closest to home. The rough side of a polished mask is my true self. To wear away the shame of lineage in these veins. I surrender no light in this shit life. I hear your words on dated lies. You always provoked the best in me by showing me the worst of you.
It's time to snuff this torch of yours. I've held on for far too long. Let the embers fade and pass. Red with fury into a spectral haze. Memories and dreams burn thin, Turned to ash and spread like your final wish. My life commemorates your past tense. Yet this light I call my own, No longer leads that path. Foot in mouth instead of tail. Chewed like the fool until there's no way left to stand. No longer claiming ruined flesh, just wasted time in wasted skin. Wasted namesake to pass mental disease. Afraid to exist. So exhausted from hiding. Disbelief in make believe. Nothing more than the best and worse for you. We darken the sun with ouroboros eclipse. I wear this crest now instead of Kerr. In hindsight I've always been the black son. The singularity of this black hole. Night skies over nothingness. Stardust lost to emptiness. I lived hell for both of you. Bound by blood and bone. Wearing abuse that's not my own. These tides crashed over all our lives making waves in twilight. Our lives can't cross anymore. Yet we both expire all the same. In the same space. At the same time. Traverse particles in dark matter collide. Not glass houses but a hall of mirrors is where I dwell. With every crack I die and then born again, So many versions of this pain within these panes All staring back and all fucking the same. Words dispelled and curses lifted. Only I can haunt myself with memories that don't die. These memories a loop in which I dwell. This disappointed youth in which I fell. This sadness is a loop in which I dwell. Until that loop tightens to end this hell.
Peripeteia 11:57
Within this black mirror I embrace my truest form. To know thyself and trust no one In blackest sin the sheddings done. This sum of scars remains the same. Repentance laced with hexed benevolence. Wounds kissed with salted lips. As the life I rode in on is now weak with rust. Husk removed in forlorn decay. Communion fed with tears of wine. Unifying this trinity of scum. Communication through altercation. Father. Mother. Unwanted son. Forgiveness never. Beasts of martyrdom. Sympathy in admiration. Forgiveness never. At what cost were you forsaken? Do you suffer breathless dreams, back on distant shores? Not all is lost when bridges burn, reflecting back and forgetting none. By myself but not myself. I've moved on as you've moved down. This trinity of scum. Accountability lays just beneath me. This trinity of scum. I hung for your sins of failed relations. Not by gallows but by line for all to see. Embodiment of charity. "Oh how I've failed," the wretched said. The perfect life. The perfect fraud. The perfect traitor is here at hand. All I had to lose was everything, As I gave my life to this void of demand. Alive within this black mirror for all to see. This is now existence, as it was always meant to be. Alive within this black mirror for all to see. I don't desire acceptance, or cross, or pity. All past tense and passé. Within this black mirror I begin to reflect affinity, Within this black mirror I embrace my truest form. I now know myself and trust no one. In blackest sin the sheddings finally done.
This final moment too shall pass. Nothing left of Nothingness. Separated particles held by shedding skin. I'm not now what I was then. Fractal light colliding, past and present on repeat. Infinitely trapped in trance. Staring into and out of all the same. To be removed in broken light. Crushing guilt that drowns my joy. An awakening of self-reproach. Letting go and closing eyes. Break the silence and the stare. Pain then subjugated as memories now. Time reigns supreme yet no wounds healed. Years of waiting for its return. Vengeance limited by perception. In anticipation I lost my innocence. I can't let go if I don't hold on. The worst of times all that remains. I can't let go if I don't hold on. The best of life the wasted energy in placing blame. You died and I moved on. Only at a distance could we ever repair. And now what's further apart than death? This space predicated by past trespasses. Losses accepted and expected. Staring into the eyes of the enemy which is me. This negative reflection, this apathetic me. ...and I'm trapped in trance.
I hear your words caught in distant moments. Taped lies on loop. Disappointment on repeat. Childhood viewed through the eyes of a man so wrought with past. Can I be titled as such? I burned so bright for so long. My accounts now seem meaningless and subjective. ...and I'm all but trapped in trance. My life by your life. My time for your time. Caught in the then and missing the now. Four walls sealed tight. This flesh cocoon has become the bane of my life. Metamorphosis or death, the only freedoms I see. So will I change and face this mirror in self-reflection? Or fucking die internally, all but trapped in trance.


vendetta records # 119


released October 21, 2016

"Lord! Anagnorisis certainly doesn't pull any sonic or emotional punches on its majestic, seriously affecting gut-punch sophomore full-length Peripeteia -- a powerful blend of forward-thinking, nuanced black metal"
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