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moloch 03:02
I dominate this wretched soil. I stand the test of time. I hold you in my shivering arms, you are forever mine. so bleak & miserable, this concrete hive is all I know. There is life inside this rotten bowels, so much hatred in my veins. I've become a concrete cell, I convulse as we speak. Don't leave me, I'm about to crack. These pillars inside, corroded in time. bloated but scaled down, I am misery. I am bathing in rivers of tears, rivers that (will) never run dry. I am your bane, your greatest opportunity, born to keep you inside. I am the future and the past, a vortex of hate. I bare no sign of purity, no option for release. I see you even tough I'm blind. I will never sleep.
what have you done to this herd of mine? fed with treachery and hidden from the sun, you sleep eternally in this coma of grace. I wish you would let it go and make up your own mind. 2000 years, death runs by your side. your ignorance will destroy you. you're preaching lies, your setting of rules, why cant you see (that) you are obsolete. thy kingdom will fall, you have no authority. thy kingdom will come, in the name of all of us. behold thy servants, you shall not spread your god given hate. the fraud of religion, your damnation waits for you. you build your realm on other misery. you slayed, enslaved millions in the name of (your) god. your lights will fade, monuments will burn. the answer to all your prayers, we assure you, you've been heard. the end of days for ignorance and tradition. blood has been paid, bow down to your broken cross.
I remember the warmth of these autumn days, a kindred smile upon our face. no pressure of time nor the pace of it, we used to live but not to worry about it. there was no rush in what we did, we never taught about the end of this. we used to tell us all will stay the same but the times have changed and so did we. break away from those the same. nowhere to go even tough there's a whole world out there. no will to think of anything but yourselves. small minded phrases, you're not the person I wished you'd be. devoured by time, just a shade of your former self. the glory days, faded but not forgotten. I kept them all hidden inside of me. you are eternal. I wanna keep you as you were. this remains of you. as the years went by, we went our ways, not looking back nor remembering, the era of our gathering, a shard of hope, a piece of me. today I see you walking hand in hand with all these people we once despised. I'm glad I am done with the past, no bitter thoughts, this is the end.
in decline 03:39
I will look back to what once was, I will remember not forget. these days are filled with (a) moral void. backed by the state they fill us up with hate and prejudice. the east is lost and so is the west. behind the curtains I saw your racist face. the now is darkened, you have not learned. false peace conspiracy, bourgeois ignorance. it's time to spark these flames of resistance, take back these streets of ours. the blood of millions at your hands, you will never learn from history. a thousands march, self righteous and blinded, connected by your shit ideals. left and right, hand in hand. united in their hatred. it has awoken, this beast of prey, a gorge of fear. you will spark confrontation. angst ridden western world, so lost in exposure. your selfishness will be your downfall. I'm ashamed by all of you.
strife 05:31
you bend the edges of reality, in cold blood. filled to the brim with suspiciousness, you have it all planned out. welcome the void, forsake all reflection, sit back and enjoy the show forever. well concealed and integrated, a mirror in every home. (the) need to consume useless details of routines in which you already rot. you are alive but condemned to sleep, no one will help you but yourself. ravage the thoughts that tell you t give in (and) rise up. banish the shell that is you and progress to the life they owe you. there is so much more in the thicket ahead. come see it. question all that is you, question all that is me and welcome the light of day, instead the night you know. the world we live in isn't black and white, just too gray. we are all guilty in the end. I know you cause we are all the same. flesh and bones, just different names. but we can be much more than slaves to time, open up your eyes and take this hand of mine. we shape our world, we shape our future. the choice is ours, we are free to go. they can not hold us inside their maze, systems collapse, you will see. beyond the edge of your screen, a netherworld filled with dreams. keep alive what is essential in a world you ignore. dash through the fog they have created. life for the lifeless, may they rise from their graves.
wasted days and wasted chances keep our restless bodies alive. we're still moving although paralyzed through this sore catalyst. i've created this vent to escape this stench of perfection. killed you so many times in desperate need of freedom. but you just stand there, with this glance inside your eyes. another broken bond born into this frail kingdom. looks like this created niche won't ever be conquered. where we're nothing more than we want to be. in this nights screams died as soon as they're born. thus may live forever if only in our minds. i'm memorizing all ambitions we used to have and tinge this life blood-red. the miserable claim their place within all these words. words made of lies. words aging in bodies. i've seen my flesh turn to stone. why exercise patience if there's so much more to lose, to fear and neglect. we all just came here to die. and tonight this place drowns in angst and dissolution. can you hear the cries of the depraved in this infected silence. we're here just waiting to die. seeking for peace within this cleansing storm
all senses knocked out, violence in my head, passed out and beaten, by the world and by myself. lost in translation, I defy reality. crystal clear, the speed of life is about to drop. numbed by my fleeing, on the run all the time. keep those bad boys coming, clench the fist, bite the teeth. I can feel me drifting, apart of me, apart of you, sterilized utopia, didn't saw you coming. so sick of this, I've become a husk of death, blinded by obsession. where will I go? fractured and emotionless. lifeless life, no escape, empty shell, easy prey. I'm the infestation, my mind is about to blow. I move in, I move out, the synergy of flesh made horrors. you have made me a servant of wrath, you can not take it back, I am redemption. give in to temptation, (I am) the witness of my own demise, blurred expectations, all is lost, all is gained. and when I break, no splitting tongues, no aftershock. this night is mine, bury me in the green.
human hive 03:24
the perception of ours has become obsolete, as the world slowly fractures and fades. we wronged our people, (we) consumed who they were. no important folks would save us. in need of protection we grieved and we begged. the lords in their temples, they listened. enslave us! we screamed, with blood in our throats. the time has come to repent. ties that bind together, servants of wealth, servants of trust. we will live forever, through serfdom and ash. we bred and we nourished generations of slaves. the masters reward us in coin. we work and we die, a function, a reason. no sense of autonomy. blood in our wells, dust in our lungs. we carry the shame to the grave. our time lost its worth as we carry on to live and to die in regress. aborted and sick, we march on to fail. our own species (is) crumbling. this system of slavery, fed by our breasts. is this the best we can do? no!
faint and airless, there is chatter in the dark. the smell of rot makes breathing pointless, all alone, cursed to die. home lies in ashes, we fled our doom for a better life, our luck keeps turning, western shores at the worst. fortress Europe, home of hate, a "better" future spat at our face. no longer human? no longer us? xenophobia just welcomed us. just raised the fence! kill that empathy! a constructed scapegoat is what you need. you declared superior origins, no matter how hard you tried, the memory stayed, you allowed us to die. a turn to the right, the mob screams for their rights, the pogrom is about to start, history repeats itself again. and you cheer. don't you think you're responsible for other peoples misery? your ethnic misconception, trapped in your humble world, small minded phrases, determine the status quo. just realize, not we are but you are the reason for this.
lys 04:33
upholder of justice, your world slowly crumbles and turns into dust. a robber of life has taken possession of all that is ours. watch us burn in his purifying flames, condemned to live in the detention of his till the end. fractions of seconds, the machine is about to implode. no use for flawed intentions (you're) on the side of the road before you even know. what's all the pressure? isn't the world that we live in a farce? anguish of choice, bemoan the broken spine of our people. make up a story, cherish the values, in a world you ignore. reign of perfection, the slaves we are. eternal damnation, praising the lord of loss. yours is the scent of the fallen, the descent of choice. human conception, no way to numb the pain. banished and confined, born and bred to reign? the shroud covering your face has taken all that from you. watch me at the edge of my life, becoming a ghost of greed and treason. as the world slowly splinters into oblivion.


DOWNFALL OF NUR "umbras e forestas" LP
vendetta records #109


released March 31, 2016


all rights reserved



vendetta records Schorfheide, Germany

lebend und sterbend nähren wir die flamme

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