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SVFFER "lies we live" LP
vendetta records # 90


released December 20, 2014

"First of all a note for all the people needing a breather while listening to records: that will only occure while flipping the record. Always brutal, always heavy, very fast but nevertheless playful. Svffer from Bielefeld and Münster, Germany, are continuing with their LP “Lies We Live” where the promising self titled 7” left off.

For these 13 songs the genre „Emogrindmotorcyclepopviolence“ should be invented, because every other description of this thunder storm might fail. It combines violent beats, intense tunes and screaming 'til the lungs bleed. This record is catchy and stays in the mind for quite a while and at the same time it is never dull. It is like an invitation to listen devoutly, swaying rhythmically or moshing angrily through the bedroom."


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vendetta records Berlin, Germany

lebend und sterbend nähren wir die flamme

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Track Name: venom
A tremble pulse rushes through the veins
A cough for help is what sinks
A million hands build a circle
Of disorder and destruction
A shade of black is on our lungs
Trying to protect our precious desire
Seeing through smoke among
Which is an abyss for control

Knife hits
Snake bites
And heroes are falling
The shade of lone ones
The crawling
And hoping


Pure hate we get


What we deserve

Amuse to death
Swallow the dirt
Track Name: cherish a viper
Cut. Cut. Cut. Cut.

Damaged streets allover
Bleeding feet break
Ways of the future
Burning in hell

Searching for equal
Makes us insane
Till a bite in our necks
Takes us away

Collected, ballanced
The bleaching collapse
Betrayed, cut into pieces
A wrong life we take
With arms wide open
We receive the venom

Can you feel the simmer?
Can you see the danger?
Can you build a resort?
Can you regret mistakes?

Balance yourself
Recover the truth
Feeding them up
With oblations unused
Challenge yourself
Responsible you
Cheating you up
With oblations unused
Track Name: faint
Anxious, absent, empty sight
Cold of tensions, words slight
Ironclad, collapse, collide
Cutting deep. Tremble. Fall.

Lightheaded through the streets
Bleary faces, vague believes
A war or conflict, just to lose
Abandon to fight for nothing approved

And still it's captured by all the lies we live

Losing, shaking, break inside
Scars were hiding, craving, bite
Dry and cold, tear apart
Cutting deep. Tremble. Fall.

Since the days have gone so far
Passing, leaving, hitting in dust
Searching for graves to bury us
Came to far to drop. Forgot.

Tremble. Fall.
Track Name: insomnia
Watch out the cold world hushes but craves

For all what is warm and save

Guilty is one unspoken word

So watch out
If you don't want to get hurt

Losing thoughts
Losing will
Caught in disease
Rest indeed

My eyes burn
My head bursts

Rest there
Rest in peace
Rot out
Track Name: staub.
Es zerfällt

Es zerfällt

Das Atmen setzt aus
Zu lang gelaufen
Der Puls rast
Kein Erbamen
Zurück bleibt
Ein stummes Herz
Vielfalt bleibt ungeklärt

Wenn ich laufe, dann brenn ich
Wenn ich trinke, ertrink ich im Nichts

Ganz still.

Es bleibt die Zeit
Es bleibt der Schmerz
Zu lang geweint
Es läuft verkehrt

Wie weit muss ich gehen
Um zu verstehen
Was rastlos bedeutet
Wie lang bleib ich stehen
Um zu begreifen
Das nichts mehr bedeutet
Track Name: arrows
Arrows are searching for guilty parts
Narrows are shining through the cruel intentions
Arrows are hitting doves just to don't go astray
Narrows for stowaways pretend to be safety

In mind and thoughts there is reaction
This is the end of everything
In mind a thought there is objection


The arrows are coming across

They gotta stop
Burst off
They coming all across
They gotta fight 'em all
They gotta stop
They gotta rise to fall
We go out and forget
The arrows are hitting us
Track Name: orphan
The fear of the darkness
The victims scream in pain
An awful stream scratches
No one knows its name

The waiters in shadows
A shine shows a hell
Roll of honor 's hanging
With names on no one tells

Craves light
Fade slight

Stealing the beauty
Protests for slaves
Hushing makes equal
Till light calls out slay

In fear of the darkness
The victims scream ''pain''
By an awful stream scratching
No one knows its name

Slay them for hunger
Slay those who are brave
Slay the collective
Till no one is honest
And gloom fills the veins

Screaming reaches no one
Cause gloom dusts the veins

Track Name: canvas
Crushed the veil

One of my sacrifices

Blaming the mistakes

The sacrifices I can't deny

The game we rise
A sacrifice
Full of disguise
In which we hide
An ultimate
Which calls the end

Stealing the vision

My worst in life - sacrifice

All of the burdens
Light us a way
Of crime and coalesces wage
Unrest and break
Imagination builds us a wall
Of comfort and illusions calm
Hungers for gain

Getting through all the decisions
Lighting out the compromise patience
Blocking out what's left for imagination
That's what I gain: sacrifice

Passing out habitations
Lonewolves astrayed over years and
All comes out: a game, a win
For leaving behind all the sins

A sinners life a winners game
A rise up closed
A ride to end.
Track Name: war paint

Marching their feet off
Suffer in lies
Building their fents of
Illusions to try
A better world
The fact
They give up trying
Wish for peeling their eyes off
To be blind for the truth
They fall, they play, they cry

They are walking down in pain
They are searching for a name

The loss of breath
They can't deny
The scratch of death
They lost the fight

That's what they get

Survived a crime
Track Name: imbalance
Mind flair
Mind crush
In destruction
No trust

What is your pleassure?
Which pressures without regerets

An inner fight
Hard to survive
Crushed down in lies
Annoying try
What is your pressure?
In lies
What is your pleasure?

A way
No light
Out of breath

But this is just the start of it

My heart beats fast
My eyes won't close
My mouth is shut
My soul just drowns

Just drowns
It drowns
My soul just drowns
Track Name: without devotion
Friends - Failed - Trust
Love - Losts - Lust
Crimes - Crowned - Of
Scenes - All - Made up

Don't you forget about the rest of it
Don't you forget about what's all in it

We live in
Counting days
With no excuse and
Without devotion
Track Name: draperies
Through the dirt
Nothing but
Dressed up
In a different skin
We are consumed by

Deranged, out of breath
From night to night
We succumb to the shadows
We feel like moths
Catched by the light
Cankered by animosity

Decayed, broken
The facade is exposed
Teared, grimed
The wounds are too deep

Through flesh and bones
It burns a feeling
Of a lost control
Of what was given
Track Name: zivilisation
Untergehen mit zitternder Hand

Verschwommen sehen, was uns verband

Gemessen an der Einsamkeit
Ist das Verlangen größer als die Freiheit

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