in turmoil


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ANCST "in turmoil" LP
vendetta records # 94


released December 20, 2014

"A compilation of Ancst‘s efforts, In Turmoil, is a scathing and tragic experience projected through fierce, melodic black metal spattered with crust; the likes of which are only born from the cold depths of Germany.

Ancst is a collective from Germany with a lyrical focus on social and politically ‘left’ topics as well as personal struggle.

The guitar work of multi-instrumentalist Tom, also a member of Henry Fonda, is anchored in steady, pounding tremolos, reminiscent of early Amon Amarth shrouded in thrashy, black crust. This is a perfect complement to the relentless, blasting, pattering kit and Torsten’s crusty, dry shrieks leading each track’s attack. Similarities to the roar of Protestant’s Cory von Bohlen or ex-Fall of Efrafa/Lightbearer singer Lee Husher could be applied here.

in turmoil features the "humane condition"EP", the songs from the splits with hiveburner, smutecni slavnost, the first demo, some compilation tracks and one unreleased track"


all rights reserved



vendetta records Berlin, Germany

lebend und sterbend nähren wir die flamme

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Track Name: ascetic

tears that never seem to run dry in a world thats close to wreck itself.
driven only by hate, everything else has been taken. hopes, dreams, ambitions destroyed by your conventions. this mundane condition.
loss of breath. i am lacking any optimism. admitting defeat against your definition of emotionality. my engine is the wrong idea your following blindly. a precedence tending to destroy. we will all perish.
all i got is my black heart and my wrath to be set free.

Expl.: Excluding everything useless within the context of society appears to be a common humyn strategy. Out of sight. Out of mind.
Are we nothing more than redundant byproducts of this fast-paced insanity and blinded by progress? Or still in control of our potentials?

Thoughts inspired by Zygmunt Bauman
Track Name: entropie
i seeked light in darkness while i found death in life, we are free to choose our destinations but destined to follow
the given paths, civilized freedom is just one more fucking compromise that keeps us separated in your coded
systems, you choke, i breathe, you cry, i release, is this cure, are we fortuned, our common relief, another wasted
moment within this sea of shit, still haunted by yesterdays dreams we all seem to hate so passionate, still threatened
by the urge of change, another tyrant that claims the throne, still nothing changes, whilst looking at our miserable
lives time still moves on, would it be like all of this never happened?

expl: us humyns are bound by the lie of taking advantage through every given possibility in our 21st century society.
however those possibilities are limited. we're not free to choose our sexual orientation or gender. we're separated
as a result of our origins, social or financial backgrounds. we're forced to yield to this common idea of efficiency.
and on the other hand any effort of emancipation is going to be disabled in many repressive actions through isolating
laws or violent reactions from different humyn macrocosms. this is not about changing society at once. or changing
laws or governments or fighting cops. it's about unterstanding the mechanisms we're dealing with each day and the
effort to change individually while reflecting the misconceptions that surround us. entropy explains somehow the
disorder of a system. a system which seems to be limited and classifies into black or white patterns.
there is neither black nor white.
Track Name: circles
looks like this is another endless moment, where i'm crushed by the weight of the real face of humanity.... and when
the smoke has cleared there's one last chant which fills the hole inside my chest, starving, begging, this is a call for
retaliation, a generation in abandon blinded by ignorance, yet i evolve into a different direction, we are what we are,
all alone in the end, and this is just another version of me, cause the spirit of dead affairs impends over us and the
seas, its breath is portentous, and while i look at you i say to myself, everything is fine, everything is falling apart

expl.: even if we share the dearest wish for peace of mind there's too much we've sacrificed or are still sacrificing.
no entrepreneur can enhance the status of wage-labour. no status can fill the vastness inside of many. vastness
conquers resilient thoughts we suffer each day as well as we create suffering. adjusting in vain.
there is no such thing like innocence. just different levels of responsibility.
Track Name: the faceless
the faceless
the hopeless revolt against their perspectives, floating away with the rain, we're putting lives at stake, just for the
sake of ourselves, erasing existences, civilization is madness
Track Name: patterns dreamers
patterns & dreamers....
do you still remember those phrases in the reign of bitterness, all of us seemed isolated, with hearts so heavy
and minds so empty, silenced and disconnected from each other, yet strong enough to pervade our inmost wishes
it's time to light these sparks again in times of war, it’s time to draw the line and this is the reason why
we accept this state of breathtaking moments, some patterns might be out of reach and there's still enough to achieve
but in my heart i close every gap just to watch them getting torn apart again... it feels like choking on and we hope
righteous ones will drown in their own piss
Track Name: seasons of seperation
seasons of separation
this life has been torn apart at the night your idea was born, i won't take part in this ridiculous farce, don't ask
for sorrow now, don't ask for hope, the hour of contempt in the midst of what you call a depression, the world is on
its knees, when ambition left, coldness was its final gift, and we're watching ourselves choking within this faint
conclusion, craving for infinite pleasure, i'm embracing the virus in this sea of shattered images, if this is your idea
of revolution better count me out, you live on with your perfectly designed lives, greed is rising. i keep on falling
Track Name: herzberge
mental death comes with progress, we are all in this together and i don't care how many times you've rightened the
wrongs, these lives are in shambles and mostly ignored, we only fear the lack of convenience, erasing existences,
where's appreciation? i try to break free, i've seen the fallen, those who failed, i've made those decisions for myself,
you preach rejection from this constructed swamp of false morality, i try to break free, my life, my way
Track Name: condition humana
conditio humana
in the name of the restless, we praise the demons inside of us, the byproducts of this diseased society, trapped in
self-estrangement, you've buried the corpses of your last memories, and while we dance at the memorial there's
another conclusion been made, a last wish to calm the fire, like the last breath, on the deathbed we praise the
demons inside of us
Track Name: shallow
i taste defeat, breathless i'm swallowed by grief, live is moving, burns like salt into vast flesh, we were abandoned
within this state of trust, haunted, forever conquered, the death of your warmth is like a spreading disease,
poisoned souls, farewell to the broken-hearted, farewell to the rejected, i never took this peace for granted,
farewell, my dear
Track Name: frailty
behind these masks we are you and we desire to end our lives, all those dreams have been laid to waste, open arms
are releasing these times of fear, we've been numbed by anxiety, still dwelling in misery, liberating ourselves
each day, still dwelling in misery, reveal this state of suffering
Track Name: another dead end's anthem
another dead ends anthem
countless tragedies, these moments we once owned, taken away by all those leeches, created humane misery,
negotiating within concrete graves and dark memories, we're founding even more benefits for this modern world
and the screams of so many tortured souls will never be heard. raped, enslaved, smothered until we die, i forgot to
try ignoring all the suffering, and this is the burden we all bear on our fucking shoulders, the burden which is
tearing our consciousness apart, we are walking on this path and this path is soaked with blood, there might be a
spark of hope but it dies with every single day in this demise

expl: we're all sharing the same guilt when it comes to find any culprit who is responsible for the humane and
environmental messes we're forced to live in. no matter how much organic food we're buying and eating. how many
times we're trying to fight the unjusticeness in this world. there's always another side that's effected negatively
by our own hands.
Track Name: peripheral
where's the cure for such unpleasant dreams of decline, as we admire the vultures of demise there's no chance to
express these moments of disapproval. we've commited ourselves to this catalyst, and whilst the daggers are drawn
i am nothing more than i used to be, what have we become, dear friend, this chosen path is just another profane
decision, another useless scratch, surfacing reality needs to be an inner revolution, no matter how many nights
we've wasted dreaming of a better tomorrow, turn them into something real, to make a change

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