funeral rites for the living


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HALLOWED BUTCHERY "funeral rites for the living" LP / CD
vendetta records # 35


released December 16, 2014

“Hallowed Butchery is pretty cool. Mr. Fairfield claims to take influence from bands ranging from Black Sabbath to Johnny Cash and back to Melvins, passing Cocteau Twins and T. Rex along the way. While I’m sure he enjoys all these (great) bands, the end result has more in common of Funeral Doom á la Tyranny blended in with a good deal of Sludge, various hysteric movie samples and the occasional odd part.

Those ill-willed could argue that the album doesn’t really have a story to it, that it doesn’t really go anywhere. And it is a fact that this album does not contain ‘songs’, or a musical red thread. In fact, this album is pretty random, but I believe it is random intentionally so. Like a carnival bizarre, sections of groaning angry sludge morph into warm acoustic strumming, while moments later tribal drums and symphonics take over and push the wall of sound sky high, to later dissolve into a Neil Young cover that leaves you with that particular feeling you have after having been drugged up and drugged out for way too long. That is, in a nutshell, this album, and it’s musically deranged and innovative structure is what I so greatly appreciate. If you’re in for this, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy this grande collage of various extreme and estranging sounds. For some every musical idea that is portrayed is too short-lived, but to me it adds to the schizophrenic nature of the album.

Besides that, the musicianship is top-notch and the impressive atmosphere Mr. Fairfield puts up all by himself is quite a feat. Even the production has been taken care of wonderfully – Hallowed Butchery doesn’t settle for half-done work, it seems. Every instrument blends nicely in with the others, nothing tones sound out-of-context or misplaced and when the need is there the sound is downright majestic." ( metalstorm )



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vendetta records Berlin, Germany

lebend und sterbend nähren wir die flamme

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Track Name: a wake for the human race
There is a place where this world lives and breathes
A place you've only seen in photographs
A place that you idolize, but you'll never know
Because you choose to not know

To know the God of this forest
This God of the trees
This God of the brooks
This God of the wind and the rain
This God of the mountains and the valleys
For in your mind, these things are no more
These things are nonexistent
These things are paved and priced
Track Name: pantheon enthroned
Doomed from day one
Doomed, God's only son
Doomed from day one
Doomed, the chosen one: God

Summon the dead
Awaken, oh sleeper!

Something lurks deep within me
How do I know that this it?
What makes me sure of it?
Show me the sun when she's not shining

Still... what is my hope may be your eternal suffering
Track Name: great north woods
In these virgin woods, the traces of man are but a footstep
Not a sound of civilization, nor a whisper of invention
There is none but the God of this forest,
And all of his creation

Only time will tell, will this be a lasting haven?
Or a place of unholy pavement?

One with the earth
One with the sea
Track Name: back asswards
KILL! Why play in reverse what you can play forward? KILL!
Track Name: the kennebec
From the river to the coast:
Lumber, ice, and ships we boast
Always cutting until it bleeds
Always taking more than we need

Building towns along its flow, as we curse its undertow
Industries beginning to falter, so we pillage the river's altar
Dumping waste into her gut, as we carry this selfish glut

She is dead and headless now
And we claim "we don't know how"
She becomes a sickening mess
Her rites are read as she's laid to rest

But her lovers are remaining strong,
Dedicating their lives to her song
She sings, "tempt me, tempt me, tempt me...
Just wait and see"

Down by the Kennebec
Down by the river bed
She will cut your neck
She will take your head
Track Name: abolish the pulpit
This is not my god at work in these men! (The song features a variety of audio clips of Christian evangelists).