a gaze into the abyss


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ANTLERS - a gaze into the abyss LP
vendetta records # 99


released April 23, 2015

ancient hymns for the age of decay.

"This is the forest primeval, an ecosystem in a state of primal balance. There are the hunters and the hunted. Life feeds on life, and the cycle coils forever onward, subject only to the whims of the eldritch gods who carved this alien landscape as a sacred temple wholly separate from the contrivances of modern man. ANTLERS reign supreme in this pantheon, doling out harsh justice to unwary interlopers in the form of chthonic growls that reek of aeons of rot, electric bolts of blackened riffs, and austere, stately drumming. This is a testament to the wild, dangerous, foreboding, and captivating." (W.)

mastered by Chris Fielding of Conan



all rights reserved


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vendetta records Berlin, Germany

lebend und sterbend nähren wir die flamme

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Track Name: carnival of freedom and betrayal
Carnival of freedom and betrayal.

Not me. I am not
the one that you adore,
O happiest mob of god´s elect.
Not me.

The fire tonight
burns on the altars
the statues fall
with everything that will never be

The old world
is consumed
like parchment in the flames.
The world, the sky,

None of it
will never be again.
But a rising ocean, a wave of fury.

Four horsemen galloped
all by my side,
faces of death, pestilence, famine, war

You, the last of the earth. You are the first.
Everything starts here. Forget your name
your people, your godless merchants. Forget it all.
Because the past belongs to the dead.

The old world
is consumed
like parchment in the flames.
the earth, the night.

I promised you the new Jerusalem
I brought you Hell.
Now follow me...
...with joy,

The new world is born
like maggots in the flesh.
The earth, the night.
Track Name: hundreds

Right now.
On the top of the giant asleep
I watch down under my feet
the green deep sea.

Rythmic waves
at the mercy of the cold wind
mesmerize me,
songs of sirens burst the sky.

Moths with burning wings
spinning downwards the sea.
Dragged like scraps of metal
by this magnetic field.


I am not alone.
Crawling as one,
We come by hundreds

Sweet kisses of wooden lips
warm my body and bring me peace.
Dive in an embrace of roots.

Closed are the gates of time,
now all sucumbs between
nothingness and eternity.

I feel for last time the pulse of the earth
which sets the hiss of the snake
and here she comes to me


and as her black tongue licks my bones
now I know
now I belong
now I am all
Now I am one
with silence.
Track Name: to the throats
To the throats

I dreamed of thousands of bodies raining,
falling like bombs straight to their graves.
Manna coming from heaven just to feed grief.

Fields covered with the glorious corpses
of all the believers broken under the wheels,
Meat for the dogs and compost to the soil.

Nothing else

No valhallas, no glory,
no god was here to see
how the young blood
is the one best bleeds

Th' Angel of Fate turns them with mighty hands,
And casts them out upon the darken'd earth!
´till all the graves are digged
and the deserts are painted in red
And rise, with ghosts, over the well-fought field.

So be it.

More!, more!, never enough!
and the leftovers pile up in massgraves..
Bodies rotting, life sprouting.
Stems crawling silent
to the throats of the murderers.
Track Name: a jail of flesh
A Jail of Flesh

Now I stand at the edge of this open grave
and it stares at me,
in silence to announce it´s not my time yet.
but for the enemy
who dwells in me.
I feel how the abyss stares back.

Night never falls into these walls.
Bars forged in skin and blood.
Condemned to have to look at the ground
in this hell I am trapped, in this burning white light.

I shall open my veins wide
to impregnate these sick walls.
To corrode the stones
and let my soul go straight to burn in the sun.
Track Name: memories of the extinct
Memories of the extinct

Feel the death of ages inside me
as the weight of an overwhelming heritage.
Father, look through me
as I inmerse my hands into your ashes.

Am I cursed or am I blessed?
Where and when lies the source of all my fears?

My eyes roll white and I look back
´till the day I will face the megaloceros.

I am nothing
but the last step
on the transformations
of the self

The blacksmith forges a new shackle
in the ongoing chain
I will transcend as long
as I carry the memories of the extinct

I will trascend

Alchemy of the spirit.
Dark matter flows
to the primal ocean
where we were not but one.

As i was before my birth
I will be after my death
the hammer will sound
until the lineage is extinct.